How to Get Involved

First off, thank you for your interest in getting involved in Podapalooza. This is a community effort, built through the effort of people who believe in the cause. We appreciate your willingness to jump in. 

There’s a few ways that you can help:

Help us get the word out

Podapalooza is a fundraiser to help those who have been hit the hardest by COVID-19. At the end of the day, we are most successful when we drive as many donations as possible. By helping us get the word out and telling your friends, you’re making the biggest possible difference in the success of the event.

The easiest way to help us get the word out is to share on social media. We’ve included links to share on our website’s navigation bar. Just click “Bring your friends.”

The hashtag is #podapalooza, and you can find us on Twitter @podapalooza

Here’s a sample Tweet, Facebook, or LinkedIn post: 

Just bought my ticket for #podapalooza, a virtual podcast festival to raise money for COVID relief. Can’t wait to hear from podcasters like Levar Burton, NoSleep, and Lore, while discovering a bunch of new favorites. Join me and get a ticket here - it’s pay what you can, and 100% of net proceeds go to @GiveDirectly, helping families impacted by COVID. :

Also, feel free to download Podapalooza’s images:

Donate in-kind assets

We are donating as much of the money we raise as possible to GiveDirectly. That means we have not set aside a budget for marketing, design, production, or other needs. If you have a skill or resource you can offer to help along the below lines, reach out at The below list is not exhaustive, so if you have another resource you can offer that you believe would be helpful, please let us know.

Podcast advertising inventory

The number one way we can raise awareness among podcast listeners is by reaching them while they’re tuning into their favorite podcasts. Many podcasters, platforms, and companies might have access to extra or remnant advertising inventory. Donating this inventory - even one 30 second spot - would make a massive difference to the cause, and we can share assets that make contributing a host-read spot or dynamically inserting an ad easy.

Online video streaming production expertise

Are you a pro at producing live stream events on Twitch, for Esports, or for other platforms? If so, we may need your help putting together the live component of Podapalooza. Please get in touch.

Podcast production & editing

We’re putting on a podcast festival! So, we have lots of opportunities to build amazing audio moments, particularly where we highlight the work of GiveDirectly (the incredible nonprofit we’ve partnered with), the lives of heroes who are doing incredible things in response to COVID, and the work of some of our content partners. If you’re interested in contributing to helping build these moments through trailers, teasers, and short-form clips, we want to hear from you.

Design & marketing chops

Are you an incredible visual designer interested in offering your help to the cause, even just to provide feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out.

Transcription and Clean Up: 
We want to make Podapalooza an event that’s accessible to all, and that means creating high-quality transcripts of each piece of content submitted. If you are able to donate transcription services or willing to clean up computer generated transcripts, please email us.

Contribute content

We’ve been overwhelmed by the podcasters who have reached out to offer content to the cause. We know creating content is a lot of work, and we’re touched by the fact that so many are interested in offering their content to the Podapalooza community.

We won’t be able to take every content submission, unfortunately. However, as the schedule comes together, we often have specific needs or stages that we are looking to round out. So, there are some limited opportunities to add to the schedule.

If you’re interested in contributing content, email us at with the name of your podcast, what it’s about, and why you think it would be a good addition to the lineup. We also welcome submission suggestions for the live stage.

Match donations

If you are interested in making a larger donation, consider matching other listener donations.  To discuss details, email us at